Middle East

Ideas for the road: about Israel/Palestine, religious texts, biblical interpretation, Jesus, religious violence, Zionism and Christian Zionism.

Was Jesus a nationalist?

Jesus’ awkward encounter with the Canaanite woman Jesus isn’t always nice. One time he pretty much called a Canaanite woman a dog, one with no

Seven Signs You Might Be A Christian Zionist

What do Christian Zionists believe? How might we summarize the core ideas of Christian Zionism?

Millions of Christians could affirm the seven principles listed here. Many of these folk are North American evangelicals, but the movement is surging in Africa, Latin America, and parts of Europe, generally wherever Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism have recently taken root and flourished.

You might be a Christian Zionist without affirming each point, but this list should function well enough to describe the most influential form of the movement over the last century. You never know. It might even describe you.

Made in USA

Christian Zionism: made in America?

We recently drew attention to a version of Christian Zionism that calls itself “new.” Less apocalyptic and more academic than its older cousin. Less worried

Are Crusaders still battling for Jerusalem?

They found the trench! This summer archaeologists went public about their discovery of a moat-trench, south of the Old City walls, that protected Jerusalem from