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At Curiously Global, we bring together your interests and passions with our first-hand knowledge. Every program is different. No hop-on, hop-offs tours. If you like slow travel, you’ll like us. Your experiences will be personal, educational and empowering, as you engage communities and local experts, and discover how much they have to offer. Whether your destination is Peru or the Holy Land, we’re ready to help.

Welcome to our website! Beware: we prefer lingering with the questions than rushing to the answer.

Our logo is an apacheta (or cairn) — a rock pile like those one encounters in the Andes of Peru, the sandstone highlands of Jordan, or the Sierra Nevadas of California. Sometimes they mark trails, sometimes they honor Mother Earth. Following an ancient tradition, ascending travelers add their own rock to the pile, expressing hiker solidarity and gratitude for a safe journey.
It is, for us, a symbol of ascent, of exploration, of community, and of tradition. Perhaps this website is a virtual apacheta, a rough-hewn assortment of ideas, some more jagged than others, gathered from along our path.

Alessandra Abusada

I was born in Lima, but my four grandparents migrated from Beit Jala, next door to Bethlehem, so that makes me a Peruvian of Palestinian heritage. I have a business background—B.A. in Economics (Universidad del Pacífico); M.B.A. (Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Chicago); 14 years in the garment industry—but my passions today are language, culture and history. They call me a polyglot since I speak Spanish, English, Hebrew, Arabic, French and Italian, and am currently learning a few more. I earned a second Masters in Conflict Studies from Hebrew University (Jerusalem) when I lived for 5 years in Israel/Palestine, learning in the classroom and on the ground about the challenges facing Palestinians and Jews in the not-so-Holy Land. I recently produced a video series in Spanish on the origins of the Israel-Palestine conflict. With Bruce I have led study abroad programs in Israel/Palestine, for Westmont College, Duke University and other adult groups.

Bruce Fisk

I’m originally from Canada but moved to the U.S. to earn a Ph.D. in Religion at Duke University and to teach Religious Studies at Westmont College for almost two decades. When away from the California campus, I was probably leading travel-study programs across the Middle East. In 2018, we moved to Peru and now live in a village near Cusco, 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) above sea level. I travel a lot, on foot with our two dogs as much as possible, learning constantly about Peru’s remarkable history and diversity, and sharing it with others.
I hope it’s obvious from my blog posts that I love to write! I have authored several books with two more underway. The current focus of my research is on how the Bible is interpreted and, at times, weaponized in modern battles over Israel/Palestine. Alessandra and I spend substantial time there every year, exploring Arab and Jewish cultures, studying the conflict that divides them, and helping groups of curious travelers meet the peoples of the Land, and understand what they are seeing in such a complicated part of the world.

“To see the world’s wonders is a gift. To understand what we see is a treasure.”

Our Ethics

Travelers often leave a heavy footprint on the environment and on local communities. Travel can reinforce stereotypes, foster cultural appropriation and destroy ecosystems. Our passion for sustainability means we strive to walk lightly, to “leave no trace,” to leave behind only what is genuinely helpful.

Local partners who share our vision

Sustainability for us starts with building authentic relationships.

  • We handpick and select experiences and partners that share our vision and run their operations responsibly.
  • We work directly with local communities, entrepreneurs, artists, artisans and family-run restaurants. These people become our trusted friends. You will feel this in the warmth they show when they receive us.
  • We prioritize accommodations that are run by locals, employ locals, and practice transparency. We avoid large tour companies.

Fair payment

  • We minimize our intermediation and ensure that our partners get fair payment.
  • When needed, we offer guidance to help them improve their operations and grow with us.

Conscious trip design and operations

  • In addition to top destinations like Machu Picchu or Jerusalem’s Old City, we’ll get you away from the crowds to show you hidden gems.
  • We practice traveler’s etiquette: taking responsibility for trash, conserving energy, extending kindness to other travelers, being alert to our prejudices, being on time but remaining flexible.

We love travel slow and small

  • Small groups make deeper connections with the people we meet and maximum flexibility. Our groups are capped at 16 persons.
  • Small groups move quietly, are less intrusive in communities, and less disruptive in nature.