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Here’s hoping that if we journey back in time we’ll be able to understand the present. I developed these 25 little videos to address 25 big questions about the origins of the Israel-Palestine Conflict. They are in Spanish with English subtitles. Let us know what you think!

Alessandra Abusada, Project Director

Chapter 1. Where and when did the Palestinian Israeli conflict begin?

Chapter 2. What is antisemitism?

Chapter 3 How is the idea of Zionism born?

Chapter 4- Who founded the Zionist Movement and when?

Chapter 5-How do Palestinian Arabs react to Zionism?

Chapter 6-What is the ancient history of Palestine?

Chapter 7-Which culture has been dominant for the longest time in the Jerusalem area?

Chapter 8 – What does the Bible say about the Land of Canaan or the Promised Land.

Chapter 9-Where does the name Palestine come from

Chapter 10- When did European Jews first immigrate to Palestine? Why was there a conflict over land?

Chapter 11-Why did Palestinian Arabs sell land to the Zionists

Chapter 12-What three irreconcilable promises did the British make during World War I.

Chapter-13 Why did the English offer Palestine to Zionist Jews in the Balfour Declaration?

Chapter 14- How was the Middle East divided after World War I ?

Chapter 15 – What happened during the British Mandate in Palestine?

Chapter 16 -What were the first conflicts between the Jewish and Arab community in Palestine?

Chapter 17 – What happened during the 1930s?

Chapter 18- What happened during the Great Arab Revolt from 1936 to 1939?

Chapter 19 – What happened during World War II and the post-war period (1939-1947)?

Chapter 20- What happened towards the end of the British Mandate in Palestine?

Chapter 21 – What were the United Nations Recommendations for the case of Palestine?

Chapter 22 – The 1948 War or Al Nakba. Part 1- Civil War.

Chapter 23- The 1948 War – Al Nakba – Part 2 – Regular War

Chapter 24 – What were the consequences of the 1948 War?

Chapter 25-Conclusions and Reflections- where to from here?