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Helping travelers think and thinkers travel


Helping travelers think and thinkers travel


Helping travelers think and thinkers travel

Discover Peru and the Holy Land

We are Bruce and Alessandra, a pair of globally curious adventurers who are passionate about culture and history. One of us is an academic, one is a business professional and polyglot; both of us are veterans in planning and guiding educational travel.

The programs we design bring together your interests and passions with our first-hand knowledge. No two programs are the same. No hop-on, hop-offs. Your experience will be personal, educational and empowering, as you engage communities and local experts, and discover how much they have to offer.

Whether your destination is Peru or the Holy Land, we’re ready to help.

Travel your own way

We listen to your requests. You ponder our recommendations. The itinerary we build together is unique. A walking tour of Old Jerusalem? A cooking class in Cusco? A camel ride through the desert? A focus on learning, pilgrimage, culture, religion, history, or hands-on experience? We design our program to fit your travel interests and move at your pace, whether you’re a group of friends, a class or a family.

Unique experiences

  • Take workshops with local cookers, artisans and artists
  • Visit markets, taste new flavors
  • Spend the day in a farming community
  • Visit sacred places and archaeological sites
  • Take part in local festivities
  • Take a soft trek
  • Buy directly from locals
  • Learn the art of slow travel and sacred pilgrimage

Safe and sustainable

In all our programs we partner with locals who share our vision, ensure your safety, and receive fair payment.

Curiously Global is proud to support Asociación Pachaillariy, a Peruvian NGO based in Cusco, working to protect the environment and water sources, for the benefit of several thousand vulnerable rural families.

Learn about our travel ethics here

You might be curiously global if you...

…love to engage with local people wherever you go,
…would rather explore fewer sites well than many sites poorly,
…pause to marvel before taking pictures,
…read a little in advance to enrich your learning,
…think scholarship and passion are partners,
…explore with both head and heart, recognize your own subjectivity,
…if you know you view the world through your own culture’s lens,
…hesitate to criticize other cultures because there is much you don’t yet understand,
…won’t let a single voice control the narrative and you don’t rush to pick sides in a conflict,
…are neither hypercritical nor hyper defensive of your own culture,
…are open to changing your opinions and love to listen to other points of view.


What our travelers say...

Of the thirty countries I have visited, our trip to Palestine and Israel with Bruce and Alessandra was tops. In terms of expert guidance, education, lectures, history, inspiration, spiritual insight, safety, accommodation, food and especially lovely people at every stop, these two weeks were unbeatable.

Jim SumnerEmeritus Dean of University Admissions & Retired Vice President for Enrollment Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, USA

Now, more than ever, visitors to the Land need reliable guides with a deep understanding not only of ancient peoples and places but of the complex, varied, and often heartbreaking experiences of its contemporary inhabitants. To travel with Bruce and Alessanrda is to be welcomed into their rich network of relationships with Israelis and Palestinians—Muslims, Christians, and Jews—and to be invited to listen, learn, and reflect with open eyes and compassionate hearts.

J. Ross Wagner, Ph.D.Director of Graduate Studies Duke University Graduate Program in Religion North Carolina, USA

Anyone can find a beautiful place to visit. But a more-than-a-tour adventure requires guides that intricately know the terrain, experienced explorers who don't simply lead but also understand how to get out of the way. Bruce and Ale at Curiously Global are those guides. Peru was simply the best vacation we've ever had—filled with incredible beauty, culture, wonder, curiosity, and deep encounters with hidden gems that most tourists simply miss. We didn't just vacation, we discovered and changed.

Jon Lemmond, Ph.D.Lead Pastor, Trinity Covenant Church Salem, Oregon, USA

Participating in the Curiously Global Jerusalem offered a one-of-a-kind experience to explore the Holy Land. While exploring ancient, beautiful, and sacred spaces, I also witnessed first hand the ongoing and painful conflict that deeply affects the people of this land. My favorite thing was the privilege of connecting with individuals from diverse religious backgrounds, conflicting political perspectives, and varied life journeys.

Natasha ArnoldMaster of Divinity Candidate | Duke Divinity School Co-President | Duke Divinity Student Council North Carolina, USA

After experiencing Israel and Palestine with Curiously Global Jerusalem, I cannot imagine going with another group. I enjoyed hearing a diverse group of local voices on issues surrounding the conflict, visiting a refugee camp and an Israeli settlement, and learning from different scholars about theology, the Bible, and historical locations. The story of the Good Samaritan came alive to me!

Caroline HilerMaster of Divinity Candidate | Duke Divinity School North Carolina, USA

Visiting the Holy Land with Alessandra and Bruce was an incredible experience! Not only did they take us to see the most important sites, but they also put together a super itinerary for us. We were able to make the most of our time and get to know everything! Not only that, they are both experts in the history and events of that place, they explained every detail, which made the experience even better!!!

Cairel Del RioMaster in Customer Experience and Innovation Madrid, Spain

It’s not where you go. It’s how you go.

Llamas in the Peruvian Andes