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You might be curiously global...

. . . if you love to engage with local people wherever you go.

. . . if you would rather explore fewer sites well than many sites poorly.

. . . if you pause to marvel before taking pictures.

. . . if you read a little in advance to enrich your learning.

. . . if you think scholarship and passion are partners; if you explore with both head and heart.

. . . if you recognize your own subjectivity–if you know you view the world through your own culture’s lens.

. . . if you hesitate to criticize other cultures because there is much you don’t yet understand.

. . . if you won’t let a single voice control the narrative and you don’t rush to pick sides in a conflict.

. . . if you are neither hypercritical nor hyper defensive of your own culture.

. . . if you are open to changing your opinions and love to listen to other points of view.