The Holy Land is the ancient land of the Canaanites and the Israelites, the land of father Abraham and his sons, Isaac and Ishmael, and his great, great grandson, Jesus. Today that land is Israel or Palestine, depending on whom you ask. At the center of it all is the holy City, Jerusalem. We’ve been exploring, building friendships and guiding groups in the Land for 16 years.


The Sacred Valley in the Peruvian Andes attracts 1½ million tourists each year. Everyone has Machu Picchu on their Bucket List, but the entire Urubamba River Valley is rich in history, beauty, archaeology, and culture. Reminders of Incan glory and religious fervor are everywhere, from Písac in the East to Ollantaytambo in the West. Be careful: Cusco, the Incan capital may steal your heart.

We don’t do hop-on, hop-off tours. We travel in small groups and give priority to local encounters, cultural engagement, the importance of history, the role of religion, and the need for environmental responsibility. If you are Curiously Global, join us!