Focus on the Middle East

Ideas for the road: about Israel/Palestine, religious texts, biblical interpretation, Jesus, religious violence, Zionism and Christian Zionism.

Incas, Christians, and Talking Books

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Bethlehem: city of 3 Christmases

What is all this talk about Israel annexing Palestinian territory?

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Is Jerusalem still holy? We invite the four Gospels to weigh in.

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Was Jesus a nationalist?

Jesus’ awkward encounter with the Canaanite woman Jesus isn’t always nice. One time he p…

1. Where and when did the Palestine-Israel conflict begin?

2. What is antisemitism?

3. How is the idea of Zionism born?

4. Who founded the Zionist movement, and when?

Was Jesus racist? (Do Canaanite Lives Matter?)
Audio-recording of a sermon on Jesus’ awkward encounter with the Canaanite woman (recounted in Matthew 15 and Mark 7) preached by Bruce in Santa Barbara, California (5-6-19)

Is it ever ok to use the Bible to justify territorial conquest and dispossession? Is violence ever mandated by God?
Hopefully these bits about the Bible and violence won’t start a fight.

 The Battle for Jerusalem: Does the New Testament See a Future for the Holy City? (December, 2017)