Here are a few reviewers’ comments about my book on Jesus in the Land, which you can buy on Amazon here.


A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jesus is a wonderful travel guide for pilgrims perplexed by the multiple maps hawked by recent scholarship. But it is also an invitation for homebound believers to join a journey of discovery to the mysterious places where history meets hope. Bruce Fisk is a wise and imaginative tour guide, and this book will open new angles of vision for readers seeking to investigate the path of Jesus.”
Richard B. Hays, Duke University Divinity School

“Bruce Fisk has possibly written the most creative, fascinating, and informed book on the Gospels in a generation. . . . ‘Genius’ could well describe many of the pages in the book. Fisk is a first-rate scholar as well as a brilliant communicator. Every New Testament teacher owes it to his or her students to consider this as a fresh new text on the Gospels.”
Gary M. Burge, Calvin Theological Seminary

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